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Why Explore the Teradata Analytics Universe?

You are a pioneer in your field. An analytics aficionado. You understand that next-generation analytics are powering our future. Teradata Analytics Universe brings together the most brilliant minds in the Teradata universe — customers, partners, experts, and thought leaders. We come to be inspired. To collaborate. To explore and solve global challenges for better outcomes.

All we need now... is you.

Whether you are part of a Fortune 500® company or a startup; a business analyst, data scientist, marketing professional, or finance guru, you will experience an unforgettable voyage that will equip you with new tools, connections, and insights to fuel your career trajectory and make your business soar.

Collaborative Sessions

Exploring and understanding the complex analytics universe requires a team of like-minded explorers at the cutting edge of their fields. Teradata Analytics Universe has curated more than 200 sessions led by these experts in next-generation analytics.

What You Can Expect To Learn:

  • Answers to today's disruptions caused by advanced analytics
  • Insights into the Internet of Things and sensor data
  • Best practices for cybersecurity, privacy, and governance
  • Paths to real-time, advanced, and predictive analytics
  • Strategies and frameworks to apply data in ways that produce better outcomes for your company or organization
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Teradata PARTNERS Transformed...Welcome to Teradata Analytics Universe

As a leader in next-generation analytics, we listen to our customers and adjust our event experiences to keep pace with the constantly changing world of analytics. To that end, we have made significant enhancements to what was once Teradata PARTNERS Conference.

As part of this new vision, we have transformed Teradata PARTNERS Conference into an exciting new event: Teradata Analytics Universe.

Explore the exciting updates and experiences we have in store for you!

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