Product Advisory Council (PAC)

The Product Advisory Council (PAC), sponsored by the Teradata Analytics Universe Steering Committee, is an advisory group of Teradata customers that provides feedback to Teradata’s product direction. The PAC solicits and reviews Enhancement Requests (ERs) from Teradata customers and determines the validity of each ER received. If appropriate, the PAC makes a recommendation to Teradata to include the ER in their future planning. The PAC also helps prioritize the enhancements to Teradata. The PAC customers work closely with Teradata representatives from the Engineering, Marketing, Product Management, and Customer Support organizations.

  • Represent and promote worldwide customer requirements into Teradata
  • Maintain a diverse membership that is representative of the Teradata customer base across all major industries
  • Share experiences and best practices
  • Assist Teradata in ensuring that it continues evolve and meet customer's needs and challenges
  • Review, approve, and prioritize ERs submitted by customers
  • Provide feedback on enhancements initiated by Teradata

Become A Memberof the Product Advisory Council

Membership Benefits
  • Opportunity to interface with and influence key Teradata personnel responsible for product planning and direction
  • Ability to gain advanced knowledge of new functionality and features that are being planned and developed and to provide feedback
  • Face to face education on new features provided by Teradata developers
  • Gain knowledge and insights through information and best practices sharing
  • Recognition of participation on the council
  • No Conference fees for Teradata Analytics Universe
Membership Responsibilities
  • Solicit and review new ERs
  • Assist in prioritizing ERs
  • Attend monthly conference calls of 1 to 2 hours in duration
  • Capture and provide meeting minutes for the monthly conference calls on a rotating basis
  • Participate as Vice Chairperson and Chairperson on an annually rotating basis
  • Attendance at three events requiring overnight travel. This consists of two Product/Plan review meetings, one in the March timeframe and the other in August timeframe. These will be held at the Teradata facility in Rancho Bernardo, California to allow access to a variety of Teradata developers and managers. The third event is the Teradata Analytics Universe Conference typically from a Sunday to Thursday in October. These events usually require travel and attendance over weekends
  • Moderate sessions at Teradata Analytics Universe
  • Other time spent on committee work will vary, averaging five hours per month
  • Remain well versed on current Teradata features and products. Share lessons learned, challenges, and best practices with the PAC.
Membership Requirements

If you are interested in becoming a member, please complete the PAC membership form and return to the contact person indicated on the form. Thank you.

Product Advisory Council Membership Form (Download Word Doc)
Submit a Product Enhancement Request
Check the status of an Enhancement Request
Teradata Community

Product Advisory Council (PAC)Members


Technical Principal
FedEx Services

Bill Grenwelge has been working on the Teradata platform since 1997 as a DBA and developer. He has worked on various sized systems (200+ nodes down to 2 nodes). He is currently heads up the Performance and Infrastructure team dealing with overall System health, SQL performance/Tuning, Teradata software (client and database)/hardware upgrades, as well as providing client software/ETL knowledge and help to ETL teams and application teams developing for the Teradata platform at FedEx. He is a certified Teradata master for V2R3, V2R5, and TD12.


Director, Data Warehouse Platforms & Methodologies
Raiffeisen Bank International

Armin Woworsky is currently responsible for the IT Architecture of the Data Warehouse solutions of Raiffeisen Bank International. The goal of this DWH is to support the Bank Steering processes of RBI for group and local needs. Within his responsibility he works on Data Architecture, Implementation processes and Methodologies to support this initiative.

Before taking over this role he was in a managing and architecture role within UniCredit Group building Data Warehouse solution. He also has Data Warehouse experience in other business areas as Telecommunication and Pharma. As a consequence of this Armin gathered experience and deep knowledge on Data Warehousing with Teradata as the platform, dealing with complex loading scenarios.


Manager, Analytic Data Solutions
BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

Joshua Bell is the Manager of the Analytic Data Solutions department in the Data Management area of BlueCross BlueShield of TN. His department has primary responsibility for developing and maintaining the Teradata platform, which supports analytics, reporting, and several externally facing applications. Joshua joined BCBS of TN in 2005 and has held a variety of positions relating to business intelligence, analytics, solution architecture, data modeling, and data integration.


Senior Manager

Monish Doshi is currently a Senior Manager managing the Data Platforms at Symantec. Prior to joining Symantec he also worked for Teradata in various positions in the Professional Services group. Monish has experience building and managing multi-terabyte data warehouse implementations, creating innovative data driven solutions and providing thought leadership in the realms of data warehousing, data management, and data quality. Monish has over 12 years of progressive experience and is a Teradata 12 and V2R5 Certified Master.


IT Director, Architecture, Enterprise Business Intelligence

Attila Finta is currently chief DW/BI Architect at Dell. Attila has three decades of hands-on experience and technical leadership in IT, in a variety of enterprises, roles, and functions. For the past 25 years he has worked in data resource development and management, including systems architecture (data, process, and technical), data analysis, data modeling, database design, process specification, data quality, and metadata management, with a predominant focus in data warehousing, data integration, and business intelligence. Prior to Dell, as a consultant or employee, Attila has architected, designed, implemented, and/or assessed DW/BI solutions in diverse industries: pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail, telecom, financial services, insurance, petroleum, media, e-commerce.


Database Admin Sr Advisor, Data Planning and Solutions

Shiva Jajapuram working as a DBA Lead managing database systems at HealthCore, primarily Teradata, has a deep understanding into database systems, and helped HealthCore to improve Data operations making processes more efficient, reliable and controlled. Shiva is an expert in Data Architecture, performance tuning, work load optimization and leading technical projects. Basically an SQL Server DBA, he has performed multiple POCs on data warehousing technologies and played a key role in migrating SQL Server databases to Teradata at HealthCore.


Senior Database Administrator

Suhail is a DBA at He has been working on Teradata systems since 2006 as a DBA and an ETL developer. His current responsibilities at Overstock include capacity management, DBMS upgrades, System performance tuning, query optimizations and workload management. Suhail is also a certified Teradata 12 Master.


Teradata Database Administrator
Meredith Corporation

Raghu is currently working as a Teradata DBA at Meredith. He has been working on Teradata systems from 2012 and has experience building and managing multi-terabyte data warehouse implementations on both on-prem and cloud (public and private). He also has been working on multiple POC’s on integrating the “Bigdata” tools and technologies with the EDW to help Analysts access the data seamlessly. His current responsibilities include providing operational support for EDW systems, Capacity planning, Performance tunings, DMBS upgrades, Workload management, Big data integrations and R&D.


VP, Consultant II
Bank of America

Shelley Perrior is a certified Teradata master with over 14 years of experience with Teradata system management, performance, backup and restore, application support and database administration at 4 different customers. Shelley is currently a VP at Bank of America, supporting 11 different systems which span more than 2.1 petabytes of customer data space and service nearly 3000 users. Her current role includes every aspect of the Teradata environment including workload management, performance monitoring, access and control, application delivery, data movement, backup and recovery, release management, incident management, product placement, and mainframe integration. Shelley has performed beta tests of new software releases, attended past Teradata PARTNERS Conferences every year for more than 10 years and has been a member of the Service Focus Team for 2 terms including serving as chairperson of the team.


Director, Data & Analytics and Enterprise Integration
Loblaw Companies Ltd

Brian Rampersad has been working on the Teradata platforms since 1997. Accountable for Data & Analytics and Enterprise Integration at Loblaw, his responsibilities include accountability for the content of their dual active Teradata data warehouses, Teradata Hadoop Appliances, consumption technologies (Microstrategy, PowerBI, SAS), Integration technologies (ESB, ETL, Protegrity, API, iPaaS), and driving the platform capabilities for these software stacks.


Technical Team Lead

Srinivas Subbarao is the technical team lead for the EDW DBA team at HCA. He joined HCA in 2009 and overseen several Teradata database hardware and software upgrades over the years in DBA capacity. His team provides system and application administration support including capacity planning, database archives/restores, performance and workload management, execute POCs for various technologies interfacing with Teradata. Srinivas is a Teradata certified V2R5 Master.


Architect, Commercial Insurance IT
Liberty Mutual Insurance

Brad Todd is an Information Management Architect responsible for analytic data platforms. He works with application teams to ensure design patterns, standards and best practices are followed. Brad has been involved with analytics for over twenty years. His specialty is working with MPP architectures, life-cycle entities, temporal data, and time series analytics along with data engineering. In 2007, Brad became a Teradata Certified Master. He also holds an ARM professional designation from the Insurance Institute of America and an M.S. in Internet Strategy Management from the Marlboro College Graduate School.


Senior Member of Technical Staff
Paypal, Inc

Abhijit is currently working as a senior member of technical staff at Paypal Inc. He has been with Paypal since 2013 and played various roles during his tenure which includes performance tuning, workload management and capacity planning along with system tuning and maintenance. Abhijit worked on some of the biggest Teradata implementations and is well versed of all aspect of designing and implementing analytical eco systems on the Teradata platform. Abhijit is Teradata 14,12 and V2R5 certified master.


Senior Technical Fellow, Boeing AnalytX, Information Technology & Data Analytics

Ian Willson is a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow, a company-wide technical leader responsible for data engineering focused on big data and the Boeing AnalytX platform. Ian provides technology vision, oversees the technical stack, represents Boeing in industry and influences the direction of key big data technologies. His current focus is near real-time analytics methods that provide insights from a vast array of data integrated as a digital thread. Previously Ian extended the state-of-the-art in temporal analytics (EDW & IoT use cases, 2 US patents). Ian earned his doctorate in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence from the University of Toronto. He is a former researcher and aviation software entrepreneur who created the first consumer air travel booking software, the industry standard for business travel analytics and has 28 years of experience working with large scale parallel systems.


Senior Technologist
Teradata Corporation

Starting with Teradata in 1987, Rob has contributed in virtually every aspect of the analytical processing arenas. Rob’s work has been dedicated to data-driven business improvement and more effective business decisions and execution. His roles have encompassed the design, justification, implementation and evolution of complete ecosystems.

A pragmatic visionary, Rob has clearly articulated the key goal for the data warehouse in his book Evolving Through Action: Maximizing Business Returns by Driving Action from the Data Warehouse: “The real purpose of the data warehouse is to move business decisions forward and change the way people are looking at the business.”

In his current role, Rob continues the Teradata tradition of integrating data and allowing end user access for true self driven analysis and data driven actions with a focus on how to incorporate the world of “big data” into the analytical process. He also has expanded the technology environment beyond the on-premises data center to include the world of public and private clouds to create a total analytic ecosystem.


Vice President, Analytics Platform
Teradata Corporation

In his role as VP, Analytics Platform, Mark has product management responsibility for the Teradata Analytics Platform. Mark joined Teradata in 2014 as part of the acquisition of RainStor. Since then, he has held the roles of Chief Architect for the IoT Analytics team and Vice President, Analytical Ecosystem, in which he had product management responsibility over Teradata’s UDA products. He is based in San Diego.


PAC Program Manager
Teradata Corporation

Patsy Martin has held a variety of positions in Teradata Product & Program Management. Currently she manages Customer briefings in the Teradata Executive Briefing Center in San Diego. Patsy also manages the Teradata Product Advisory Council program.


Senior Consultant Software Engineer
Teradata Corporation

Jeff Shelton is a senior consultant software engineer with Teradata since 1993. Beginning 2000 he has worked in Teradata primarily focused on developing tools and database features that facilitate query-plan analysis and performance tuning. Jeff is a Teradata Certified Master.


Teradata Customer Services CSO Area Director, California
Teradata Corporation

Colette began her career with Teradata (then NCR) in the UK in 1996 initially as a contractor working at Lloyds of London and later as a full time employee when she was the Technical Account Manager for British Airways and Barclays Bank plc. Prior to moving to the US Colette was the manager of the Remote Technical Support team. In 2000 Colette decided to make the move to San Diego and has held various positions during this time including SSM, Regional Operations Manager for EMEA and GSO DBS Manager. Last month Colette decided to move to the Critical Support Office as the Area Director for California. Prior to joining Teradata Colette was the Operations Manager at Seiko UK. Colette enjoys spending time with her family and pets (she has one dog (Logan), two cats (Banjo & Clari) and three fish tanks (and no, she hasn’t named her fish!). During vacation times when she isn’t going back to the UK to spend time with her family she enjoys heading to the mountains be it Big Bear or, her favorite, Lake Tahoe.

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