Managed Services Masterminds (MSM)

The Managed Services Masterminds (MSM) are a group of smart, innovative, forward thinking customers, chosen from a cross section of industries that have the ability and knowledge to influence the world of Managed Services.

Established to serve as a conduit to Teradata regarding managed service-related strategic topics for Teradata customers by seeking thought leadership, input for future offerings and objective solutions to their concerns.

The scope of the Managed Services Masterminds are service-related areas that include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Offer Portfolio — Current and Planned
  • Value Positioning and go to Market Strategy
  • Delivery Operations — Teradata Operations Management (TOM), Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning
  • Customer Interface, Training, Documentation
  • Managed Services Ordering/Contracting, and areas deemed appropriate by the MSM

Become A Memberof the Managed Services Masterminds

Membership Benefits
  • Networking opportunities with data professionals from global companies using Teradata
  • Active participation in a respected, professional organization with direct, positive impact on Teradata Managed Services (MS) users
  • Advance information regarding new features of Teradata Managed Services
  • Direct communication with key Teradata members with potential to influence strategic MS initiatives
  • Potential to work with other Teradata MS customers to enhance and mature Teradata MS
  • No conference fees for Teradata Analytics Universe Conference
  • Recognition as part of the Managed Services Masterminds Advisory Council
Membership Responsibilities
  • On an annual basis, we request your participation in four conference calls, approximately 60–90 minutes each.
  • Attend two face-to-face meetings. The Spring Meeting is typically held in the Teradata Executive Briefing Center in San Diego, CA. The Fall Meeting is held prior to the Teradata Analytics Universe Conference, at the same location as the Universe venue.
  • Attend the Analytics Universe Conference
Membership Requirements
  • Be a Teradata Managed Services Customer, consultants are not eligible
  • Must have your company/management approval and commitment as outlined in the MSM Guideline document
  • Sign a non-disclosure statement annually
  • Minimum of one-year service on the MSM
  • A company may not have more than one representative on the MSM
  • Maximum number of members is 12 customers

Managed Services Masterminds (MSM)Members

Trish Brace

Offer Strategy and Modernization, Global Managed Services

Trish Brace is focused on enabling customers to achieve their analytic goals, by driving the global strategy and modernization of Teradata's Managed Services offers and tooling. Most of her career has been spent in services strategy and operations.

Conor Brady

EDW Capability Manager
Bank of Ireland

Conor Brady is a core member of the Chief Data Office – a function which is responsible for the development and execution of Bank of Ireland's Data and Analytics strategy.

Brent Byrd

Senior Business Intelligence Architect
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

Brent Byrd is a Sr. Information Architecture for BCBS of North Carolina. Brent’s responsibilities include setting direction and architecture for Teradata and other key data platforms. Brent has been enabling user consumption of data for over 30 years.

Judy Dobson

Operations Director, Americas Managed Services

With more than 12 years of MS "start up" experience across more than 150 customers, Judy is our "go to" for all things related to Managed Services best practices and delivery processes. Judy has also served in numerous Professional Services management roles, with both U.S. and International responsibilities.

Jerry Flynn

IT Manager

Jerry Flynn has been immersed in delivering Hallmark Database Solutions for nearly 20 years, providing leadership and management of Operational, Data Warehouse and Analytics Platforms & Technologies for over 10 years.

Glenn Frasca

Service Delivery Manager
Bayer Crop Science

Data Operations provides timely processing and delivery of critical business data from multiple platforms/environments to visualization engines enabling our business colleagues to make effective data-based decisions. In my role, I ensure client expectations for Data Operations services are effectively delivered by our managed service providers.

Carlos Mario Guevara

Director of Data Analytics

Sofia Hagberg

Service Owner Data Management
Volvo Cars

I am responsible for ensuring Volvo Cars enterprise data is managed according to our strategies and polices. To achieve this, we must have the correct platforms, technologies, team, architecture and data management framework which I manage hands-on.

Nancie Hartman

Offer Manager, Global Managed Services

Focused on the go to market strategy that Managed Services brings to ensure they are laser focused on helping customers achieve their analytic ecosystem goals. I have spend my entire career in services, both in service delivery and offer development for Customer and Managed Services.

Jan Muffley

Data Warehouse Manager
American Airlines

I manage application operations for a American Airlines enterprise data warehouse. I am a champion for change embracing new technologies and methodologies to create a smooth running operation.

Conor Nolen

Vice President, Global Managed Services

Having spent 15 years at Accenture, Oracle and in consulting, technical and selling roles, I look forward to helping Teradata solidify their place as the "gold standard" in Analytics-focused managed services.

Rob Ross

Senior IT Manager
Office Depot 

20+ years of experience in Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse applications across numerous business domains including Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Order to Cash, Customer Service, E-Commerce and Retail.

Ruth Rudwick

Manager, Global Delivery Center

I have spent over 20 years leading Managed Services organizations and Global Delivery Centers for a variety of service providers - Axon, HCL, HP and now Teradata. My team and I work to ensure our customers realize the value of their Teradata ecosystem, and we are continuously looking at ways that we can unlock more value.

Richard Svec

Business Intelligence Manager
O2 Czech 

Richard is Senior BI Manager in the O2 Czech Republic. He has been working in telecommunication industry for more than 10 years. Currently he is responsible for transformation and consolidation of BI environment in the company.

Jan Turyna

Presales Partner, International Services

With IT Services at heart, Jan works in multiple roles on both the customer and vendor side. Work, life & universe needs to be in sync through healthy relationships and recognized value provided. Two essences which fit together everywhere and anytime. Let's work together.

Shelly Washington Woodruff

Senior Direct, Enterprise Data Solutions

Shelly joined T-Mobile (TMO) in 2014 and is currently a Sr. Director of BI Product Delivery within the Production & Technology Services Division. Shelly leads teams accountable to deliver and support BI solutions for the T-Mobile Magenta and MetroPCS by T-Mobile brands. Teradata has helped transform and optimize BI support services within Shelly’s organization for over 3 years.

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