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Sep 25, 2017 Live From Anaheim—Top Brands and Thought Leaders

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PARTNERS Virtual Conference | Live News Desk

PARTNERS attracts some of the most innovative and brightest minds in data and analytics from around the globe. What makes the conference unique is how customers and real practitioners are the focus of the event and how they work together to really shape it from start to finish. First-time attendees are continuously amazed at how willing everyone is to share their learnings with their peers. Case in point, the Live News Desk.

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This year, the News Desk has more than twenty customers scheduled to share their experience with attendees. Better still, the interviews will be live-streamed to all of the Virtual Conference attendees. And, if you hadn’t heard, registration is FREE for the Virtual Conference for 2017. You don’t want to miss this great content—and there’s no excuse.

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Scheduled Guests

Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2017 Virtual News Desk

  • Alation, Satyen Sangani, CEO
  • American Eagle Outfitters, Rick Guntang, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, CM PAC Chair
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee, Joshua Bell, Manager, Analytic Data Solutions
  • FedEx Services, Bill Grenwelge, Technical Advisor
  • Forrester, Rusty Warner, Principle Analyst
  • GE Aviation, Alison Fesler
  • Meijer, Dan Narva, Senior Data Warehouse Engineer
  • Micro Focus/HPE Data Security, Mark Bower, Global Director – Product Management
  • MicroStrategy, Steve Xeller, Executive Vice President, International Sales
  • MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito, Technology Connoisseur and Author
  • Monsanto, Troy Crites, Global BI Architecture Lead
  • NCR, Brian Valeyko, Director of Data Warehouse Operations
  • NetApp, Dave Mooney, VP, Worldwide OEM Sales
  •, Suhail Memon, Senior Database Administrator
  • PayPal, Vinod Ganesan, DBA Team Leader
  • Protegrity, Vincent Lam, Sr Director, Head of Customer and Product Marketing
  • Siemens AG, Yvonne Quacken, BI & Big Data Technology Lead
  • Stanford University, Blake Johnson, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Management Science and Engineering
  • Symantec, Monish Doshi, Senior Manager
  • Verizon Wireless, Ksenija Draskovic, Associate Fellow and Head Data Scientist
  • WhereScape, Mark Budzinski, CEO

Meet Your Host, Jeff Krapf

Once again, Jeff Krapf is bringing his talent, humor, and personable style to the Virtual News Desk. Born in Northern California, Jeff is considered one of the most versatile television hosts in the business and an attendee favorite throughout the conference.

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Teradata PARTNERS Transformed...Welcome to Teradata Analytics Universe

As a leader in next-generation analytics, we listen to our customers and adjust our event experiences to keep pace with the constantly changing world of analytics. To that end, we have made significant enhancements to what was once Teradata PARTNERS Conference.

As part of this new vision, we have transformed Teradata PARTNERS Conference into an exciting new event: Teradata Analytics Universe.

Explore the exciting updates and experiences we have in store for you!

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