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Oct 02, 2017 Discover Your Personal Pathway to Cloud

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PARTNERS Session | Hybrid Cloud: Understanding Teradata’s Many Cloud Consumption Options – Session #0404

“Cloud is a huge transformation of the entire IT industry, not just data and analytics,” says Brian Wood, Director of Cloud Marketing, Teradata. That much, most people know. What they don’t know and isn’t clear is how to take the first step. “There’s so much hype and false information and FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) in everything about the cloud that it can be overwhelming,” he says.

“We’re at an all-time high in cloud hype. Right now is a good opportunity to understand how the cloud can help.” - Imad Birouty, Director Teradata Marketing

That’s why Brian and Imad Birouty, Director of Product Marketing, Teradata, will be hosting a meetup session at #TDPARTNERS17 in Anaheim. Skipping the slide-driven presentations, these intimate sessions are designed to promote open discussion and two-way conversations. (Because of the restricted size, preregistration is required.)

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The explosion of data and analytics has created a variety of new data sources—web, click stream, customer journey, sensor data, Internet of things (IoT), and more. With this rapid influx of data, companies obviously want to take advantage of this new resource. Many of those data sources are originated in the cloud. According to Brian, having analytics where the data originates, “playing it where it lies,” so to speak, is a great opportunity. You are bringing the analytics to the data.

Look Before You Leap

While playing it where it lies sounds great, taking the first step to cloud can be paralyzing for some organizations. Part of the issue is that they have preconceived notions that aren’t based on the real world. Some expect that it’s going to be very low cost, and that it’s going to be super easy. Some assume that it’s unsecure—others that it’s completely secure. Still more expect that the performance is going to be the same as what they have now. Unfortunately, there are no universal answers. The answer is often it varies, and it depends on the specific situation.

“It’s not one-size-fits-all,” says Brian. “Don’t expect it to be an all or nothing proposition with cloud. Most of the time, it’s a hybrid mix. It makes sense to leverage what you already have on-premises, but then adding cloud in a considered, smart manner. You don’t just dive into the deep end, you take one step at a time, on a well-defined path.”

“It’s not that one is better than the other,” adds Imad. “They’re different. It really depends on the perspective of the organization. If managing and operating a data center is part of their core competency, and a differentiator and competitive advantage for them, then focusing on on-premises makes sense. For those companies that don’t have that as a core competence and are just focused on the analytics and the value that they get from the analytics, the cost of the cloud makes sense. It allows the customer to then just focus on their business and the analytics and not managing the hardware, the software, the data center aspects of that.”

Uprooting Hidden Costs

With both on-premises and cloud, there are explicit and hidden costs. And in both cases it’s easy to overlook the hidden costs. “That’s part of the challenge,” according to Brian. “The hidden costs are different in both cases. In one case it might be people or time, in another case it might be networking, or having to do something more than once. They both have their intricacies, yet the intricacies are different in each case.”

For example, with on-premises deployment there are embedded costs that are already part of the organization, and are often overlooked when calculating the cost of on-premises deployment. There’s the cost of the people and the tools to maintain the systems, space, power, cooling—those costs are often overlooked. In cloud, in addition to the subscription expense there’s the cost of the network connection plus learning the details of the new environment if managing it with in-house staff.

Technology Is Just Part of the Decision

An important point to remember is that the technology is just one component of many decisions required for a successful implementation. It takes a shift and new skills on the business side as well. Brian believes having a realistic understanding of the considerations and the steps involved are key. “Look at and understand the big picture. Organizationally, what skills need to be in place, what steps, and what workloads, are realistic? That will help to eliminate many of the false myths.”

“We’re at an all-time high in cloud hype,” says Imad. “Right now is a good opportunity to understand how cloud can help, what it can do, what it’s good at, what it’s not good at, breaking some of the myths. Getting that understanding sooner—how do you mix on-premises and cloud together to get the right blend to serve the business—rather than later is important.”

There’s no better place to do that than PARTNERS. Check out the Meet-Up session with Brian and Imad and other cloud sessions.

Meet-Up Sessions

Hybrid Cloud: Understanding Teradata’s Many Cloud Consumption Options - Session #404

Previous PARTNERS participants say they want more time and greater access to subject matter experts to discuss very specific topics. You asked, we listened! This new Meet-Up format connects a very small group with a great subject matter expert who will facilitate a meaningful discussion. No lectures, no death by PowerPoint®, just interactive discussion. Come prepared to ask questions and engage with your peers. Meet-Up sessions are limited to the first 15 people to preregister for the session. Action: Preregistration is required.

Imad Birouty
Director, Product Marketing, Teradata

Brian Wood
Director, Cloud Marketing, Teradata

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Cloud TCO: Calculating Teradata’s Business Value in the Cloud - Session #0414

Everyone knows Teradata is awesome but CFOs want proof of value—as in hard numbers backing up a rigorous financial analysis showing Total Cost of Ownership. Good news: the Teradata TCO Analyzer has been updated to include Hybrid Cloud options and in this session you will see all the results for yourself (and your CFO).

Brian Wood
Director, Cloud Marketing, Teradata

Imad Birouty
Director, Product Marketing, Teradata

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The Teradata IntelliFlex Architecture—And All That Is New - Session #0521

Teradata IntelliFlex™ is the most significant Teradata platform of the last decade, featuring a new architecture that ushers in unprecedented advancements in configuration flexibility, scalability, and system availability. IntelliFlex is a game-changer. It changes the way companies think about their analytic platforms and how they will choose to architect their analytical ecosystem, as it promises mixed system configurations that are only possible today with separate systems. Coupled with new advancements in the Teradata Database, IntelliFlex delivers a major paradigm shift in data warehousing. Come learn about IntelliFlex and all that is new.

Imad Birouty
Director, Product Marketing, Teradata

Randy Eskridge
Sr. Director & GM Platform Engineering, Teradata

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