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Sep 18, 2017 From Chaos to Comfort

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Helping Extraordinary Families Through Extraordinary Situations

Every two minutes a child enters the foster care system in the United States. Through no fault of their own, but for their safety and well-being, they need to leave their current home situation and depend on the kindness of strangers willing to accept them into their home.

In Los Angeles County alone there are approximately 20,000 children and youth in foster care at any given time. This makes it one of the largest foster care systems in the country charged with taking care of the most vulnerable in our population—and our future.

“You don’t need special tools or skills to show you care, we’re just asking for a little bit of your time” – Sherri Nugent, Teradata Cares

“Helping these young people and their foster parents make the transition from a trauma-filled environment to one of calm and love should be a goal of everyone in our society,” says Sherri Nugent, Director of Community Relations for Teradata Cares. At PARTNERS you can help local foster children and their caregivers by joining our Teradata Cares activity in the Expo Hall on Tuesday from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M.

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Children First

All foster children have experienced trauma prior to being separated from their biological parents, an anxiety-fraught experience in itself. They need a feeling of safety to help regain a sense of normalcy. PARTNERS attendees will build beds, craft blankets, and stuff bears to show these children that someone cares and that no child should ever go unnoticed. “You don’t need special tools or skills to show you care, we’re just asking for a little bit of your time,” said Sherri. “Year after year, PARTNERS attendees say that the Teradata Cares activity was one of their most personally rewarding experiences at the conference.”

Teradata Cares Event

All of the final projects completed at PARTNERS will be donated to Extraordinary Families and other local foster care agencies in the area. Extraordinary Families makes a concentrated effort to place children with understanding and loving families that meet the needs of the specific child. This is especially critical because at least 1 in 10 youths in care identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ). Many LGBTQ youths enter into care because of abuse or discrimination by their families, only to potentially experience more of the same if the foster home isn’t supportive. Many then run away from foster homes, which can lead to a continued cycle of homelessness and an increased chance of further abuse and negative life experiences. Extraordinary Families works tirelessly to place these especially at-risk youth in homes that will support and validate their lives and help them become successful adults. You can learn more about their great works on their website and in the video below.

About Teradata Cares

Teradata Cares is a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life and make a positive difference where we live and work. By working together, we can build a better world. Learn more:

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Teradata PARTNERS Transformed...Welcome to Teradata Analytics Universe

As a leader in next-generation analytics, we listen to our customers and adjust our event experiences to keep pace with the constantly changing world of analytics. To that end, we have made significant enhancements to what was once Teradata PARTNERS Conference.

As part of this new vision, we have transformed Teradata PARTNERS Conference into an exciting new event: Teradata Analytics Universe.

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