Aster PAC

The Teradata Aster Product Advisory Council (PAC) is a group of existing customers who provide input to Teradata on the product direction for the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform along with other related Teradata products and platforms.

The PAC is comprised of customers working with the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. Currently, the PAC is limited to a total of fifteen (15) members. PAC members are asked to serve a minimum of one year on the council and must be an existing Teradata customer. If a PAC member resigns from their current position, they must relinquish their membership on the PAC. In addition to customers, representatives from Teradata Marketing, Product Management, Engineering, and Support/Field act as advisors to the PAC.

If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information, please contact

  • Represent the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform install base
  • Advancing the Teradata Aster product set
Benefits of Participation
  • Networking opportunities with data professionals from global companies using Teradata
  • Directly interface with Teradata personnel responsible for product planning and direction
  • Gain advance knowledge and influence the direction of new product features and functionality
  • Peer to peer interaction and exchange with other PAC members
  • Represent fully the business and technical needs of the customer
  • Recognition as part the Teradata Aster Product Advisory Council
Membership Responsibilities
  • Participate in periodic product planning reviews with Teradata developers and personnel - review, discuss, advise, and influence feature requirements, release schedules, and contents
  • If required, discuss and advise on which enhancement requests (ERs) should be included in upcoming releases
  • Remain current with Teradata Aster product direction by collectively utilizing and validating all features of the Teradata Aster product line
  • Provide suggestions and lessons learned back to the Teradata Aster customer base on a timely basis
Membership Requirements
    In order to accomplish the council's responsibilities, the following is required:

  • Be a Teradata Aster Customer with a current Teradata Aster system; consultants are not eligible.
  • Attendance on quarterly conference calls of 1 to 2 hours duration.
  • Attendance at two face-to-face meetings requiring overnight travel is necessary. This consists of two Product planning review meetings, one in March/April and one in September/October. These face-to-face meetings will be held at one of the Teradata offices in either San Diego or San Carlos, California, and/or in conjunction with Teradata Analytics Universe. The meetings will allow PAC members access to a variety of Teradata developers and executives.
  • Working groups may be formed as needed to tackle specific topics, e.g., Teradata Aster migrations, security, upgrades, etc. If selected to participate, the PAC member will commit to be available for conference calls as required by the group.
  • Long-distance phone calls to other customers may be required in the process of following up with them on specific projects.
  • Other time spent on committee work will vary, averaging five hours per month.
  • A non-disclosure statement must be signed by each member.
  • Minimum of one year service on the PAC is required.
  • A company may not have more than one representative on the PAC.
  • Maximum number of members is 15 customers, and 6 Teradata representatives.
  • Willingness to utilize and validate new product features and report back to the PAC on experiences/lessons learned.
  • Must have your company/management approval and commitment as outlined in this Membership Requirements section
New Members
    When filling vacancies, in order to keep a well-balanced PAC, the following criteria will be considered in relationship to the existing members and the new applicant:

  • Skill Mix
  • System Size Mix
  • System Type (Hardware and Operating System Platform)
  • Market Segment (Finance, Retail, Transportation, etc.) Mix
  • Applications will be kept on file for (1) one year from the date of submission.
  • The PAC executive committee can choose to contact well-qualified prior applicants even if it has been more than 1 year since their application. The applicant will be asked to update their application and resubmit.
  • Previous company representation on the PAC will not be considered (no company can reserve seats on PAC).

Teradata Aster Product Advisory CouncilMembers


Toys "R" Us
Director, Strategic Analytics

Pat is the Director of Strategic Analytics at Toys "R" Us, responsible for the Advanced Analytics and Strategic Testing and Analytics teams. He is responsible for solving complex problems of the organization through the use of predictive analytics and various analytical, statistical techniques utilizing the Aster platform.

Since joining the company in 2010, Pat has held various analytics roles of increasing responsibility. Roles have included Pricing, Marketing Analytics, and Sales Forecasting. Previous to Toys "R" Us, he worked in Business Strategy and Corporate Finance in Retail.

Pat has 7 years of analytics and business strategy experience in the Retail Industry. He graduated with an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and possesses and B.S. in Finance from Fairfield University.


Senior Director

Dave Brown is Senior Director of IntelliCog's Solution Delivery team, responsible for delivering agile Data Integration and Data Analytics capabilities to the entire corporate customer portfolio. Dave's professional focus is on building agile information platforms, leveraging message-centric data integration strategies, coupled with templated workflow management techniques, to deliver near real-time analytics required by today's Big Data businesses. Dave's work experience traverses the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Health Insurance, Receivables Management, Telecom, and Heath Care industries. Beyond his passions for Enterprise Information Management, Dave also leads IntelliCog's corporate Strategy and Planning program.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
Principal Architect of the Data Analytics Department

Paul is the Principal Architect of the Data Analytics Department at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. He has over 25 years of experience as an architect (who codes), data engineer and healthcare analyst working on data warehouse and analytic systems. Paul’s career has focused on the healthcare industry, in various insurance, hospital and medical device manufacturing companies. Paul is fascinated by the process of turning any kind of healthcare data into actionable information.


Sr. Manager of Analytic Development and Operations

At Lowes, Josh Dixon is the Sr. Manager of Analytic Development and Operations. He has over 10 years in the Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Analytics fields. He provides extensive experience in Retail to the analytics community in order to develop a competitive advantage through data integrity, technologies, and future state capabilities. Josh and his team are passionate about developing new ways of driving business opportunities through data and analytics while partnering with Lowe's Enterprise Analytics Organization.


Verizon Wireless
Associate Fellow and Head Data Scientist

Ksenija Draskovic is Associate Fellow and Head Data Scientist at Verizon Wireless. She has over 15 years of experience in leveraging advanced analytics and multi-channel data for understanding and providing details of market trends and behavioral insights. She and her team are responsible for embedding Analytics into day to day operational business processes and deploying solutions throughout the organization.

She holds B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering and Masters in Computer Science.


Metro Cash & Carry
Head of Data Science

Ehler Lange is Head of Data Science of the international wholesale company Metro Cash & Carry (MCC), responsible as part of the MCC Global CRM team for Customer Data Analytics. The mission of his team is around personalization of customer communications, customer segmentations, predictive customer lifecycle management and campaign optimization. The focus is to deliver shared analytical services and valuable insights that support the 25 MCC countries in their marketing actions, campaigns and advanced analytics. Ehler has an educational background in mathematics, computer science and business administration with an interdisciplinary professional experience in IT, HR and Data Science. Besides this he is also passionate about open source R.


Senior Manager, Decision Support Application Architecture

Ka Tang has over fourteen years of DW/BI experience using various database technologies and analytical tools in Banking, Payment Services, and Insurance industries. Ka Tang is currently the Lead Data Architect at Discover responsible for Decision Support Architecture providing data integration, business intelligence and analytic business solutions. Ka is leading Enterprise Data Strategy to establish a simple data infrastructure and services that support information governance, business value, and business continuity. Ka is motivated by data driven business innovations, data analytics and technology challenges. Ka and his star architects are working on the next generation data architecture to provide analytical business solutions in loss detection and prevention, personalized offers, digital marketing, and omni-channel customer servicing.

Prior to this DW/BI function, Ka developed the Enterprise Middleware Solution as well as the Credit Card Transaction Gateway Solution at Discover.


Wells Fargo
Vice President of Fraud Strategy, Data and Analytics

Naveen Yeri leads the Fraud Risk Management Strategy, Data and Analytics function at Wells Fargo, responsible for delivering decision recommendations to proactively manage fraud detection and prevention. Naveen has been in Banking, Insurance and Information Technology sectors for over 15 years, has served Norfolk Southern Corp, Bank of America and IBM in his prior roles.

He has led programs in the areas of Consumer Marketing and Risk Analytics, Real-Time Events and Triggers blending data at-rest and in-motion, and choreographing Next Best Offers leveraging structured and unstructured big data streams.

Naveen has an MS in Industrial Engineering, MBA in Finance/Marketing, Six Sigma Blackbelt Certified and holds 7 patents.


Marketing Manager, PAC Facilitator

Leah Rumbarger is the Executive Liaison for the Teradata Aster PAC. Leah has held a variety of positions within marketing since she joined Teradata. She has held positions in IT, Marketing Shared Services and Product Management. For the past three years she has lead a series of customer go to market programs for Product and Services Marketing including an internal sales council that facilitates dialogue between Teradata Sales, Engineering, Services, and Product Management. Leah has more than 15 years of program management experience and a Masters of Business Administration.


GM and VP of Engineering, Aster Labs
Teradata Corporation

Raghu is the GM and Vice President of Engineering for Aster Labs at Teradata. In this role, he is responsible for Teradata Aster Analytics platform, a set of advanced analytics functions, including Path, Text, Graph, Machine Learning, Sensor, to provide easy insights for business analysts and data scientists on Multi-Genre analytics from one SQL query. Raghu owns all of product development, quality engineering and software delivery.

Raghu is a seasoned product development executive with experience in commercial enterprise software at both large and small startup companies. He has over 25 years of experience in advanced analytics, business intelligence, big data, cloud services and enterprise software development.

Prior to Teradata he served as the VP of Engineering at Jolata a real-time, Big Data analytics platform to help network service providers manage their wireless network infrastructure. Prior to Jolata, Raghu spent 11 years at Oracle and Hyperion where he headed up product strategy and platform architecture for the Hyperion suite of products. He served as a data architect at Jamcracker and at Sabre.

Raghu is active in the Silicon Valley tech corridor with speaking engagements, networking events and hosting meetups. Raghu holds graduate degree in engineering.


CTO Aster

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